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What is a PJC in North Carolina?


A Prayer for Judgment continued, otherwise known as PJC, in North Carolina allows defendants to plead to a crime without the court entering conviction. Only a judge may grant a PJC.  PJC’s are mostly used in connection with traffic violations and petty misdemeanors. 

 When a person is granted a PJC they will not be responsible for fines and fees, only court costs.  A PJC will not be granted if charge is in excess of 15 mph, a Driving While Impaired Charge, Passing a School Bus, or if you currently hold a Commercial Driver’s License. If unsure of whether or not you qualify for a PJC please contact a speeding or traffic ticket lawyer.

 DMV and Insurance companies have their own policies regarding PJC.  North Carolina will recognize two PJC’s per driver every five years. If a judge grants a third PJC within that five year period the DMV will not recognize and that person will be convicted. Insurance companies will recognize one PJC every three years per insurance policy.  A PJC is useful in that it may help avoid points on both a driving record and insurance policy.  

If you have been charged with a Chatham County speeding ticket, Pittsboro Speeding ticket or believe you qualify for a Prayer for Judgment in Chatham County please call Kristi Haddock at The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel today at (919) 585-1486.

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