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Is a Speeding Ticket in NC a Misdemeanor?


The most common traffic violations our firm handles are speeding tickets.  Our clients sometimes worry that a speeding ticket on their driving record will negatively affect them on their criminal record. This is not true. In North Carolina you are unable to expunge tickets from your driving record, however, a simple ticket under 20 mph over the speed limit is not something to be afraid to have on your record. There are a few ways that an attorney can resolve your ticket to keep your ticket from affecting you. Our clients are almost always most interested in keeping points off of their license and insurance policy and our office can explain and offer the best outcomes for your unique situation.


We handle speeding tickets such as:

1. Speeding above the posted speed

2. Reckless Driving

3. Speeding in a work zone or school zone

4. Other moving and non-moving violations


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As far as speeding is concerned, any driving that is performed above the posted speed limit can result in a speeding ticket being issued. Most of these tickets are infractions.  However, it is a Class 3 Misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle either greater than 15 above the speed limit or greater than 80 miles per hour. You need an attorney to help you through this process and keep points off your insurance and/or your driver’s license.

A conviction for a speeding ticket in Chatham County, NC, can affect both your insurance and your license. If you want to obtain the best result possible, contact Kristi Haddock at kristi@wileynickel.com

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