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Speeding Tickets in a School Zone


Speed limits around school zones have traditionally been lowered to protect children and pedestrians in the area during school hours. Drivers approaching the zone should receive ample notice from signs in the area, designating both the speed and the times during which that speed is enforced.

Normal speeding charges in Wake County are generally easily reducible with the help of an experience traffic attorney. A speeding ticket in a school zone can be much more difficult to reduce and carry significant consequences, such as points on your license and increased insurance rates. An experienced attorney will be able to assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

At the judge’s discretion, you may be able to get a prayer for judgement continued. In order to get a PJC most judges will also require community service. The benefit of a PJC, as a result of successfully completing community service, is that your insurance rates will not increase as a result of your ticket.

Our experienced traffic attorneys can help determine if you are eligible for a PJC and work on getting you the best possible outcome for your situation. If you have received a traffic citation or charge, and have questions about a Prayer for Judgment Continued, call the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel at 1-(919)585-1486 for a free consultation. You can also email attorney Kristi Haddock or Wiley Nickel directly at kristi@wileynickel.com or wiley@wileynickel.com, respectively.

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