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What is Domestic Violence in North Carolina?


Under North Carolina law, domestic violence convictions result in harsher collateral consequences than some other misdemeanor convictions. Domestic violence is one of several acts against a person who has one of the following relationships with the accused, such as:

·      Spouse

·      Ex-spouse

·      Person of the opposite sex who lives or has lived with the accused

·      Child or grandchild

·      Person with which the accused has a child

·      Current or former household member

·      Person of the opposite sex with whom the accused is in a dating relationship, like a girlfriend or boyfriend

·      Person of the opposite sex with whom the accused used to have a dating relationship


It’s common to see crimes such as Assault on a Female or Simple Assault in the Domestic Violence courtroom, but other charges may be considered crimes of domestic violence if the alleged victim and the accused have a personal relationship.


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