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Cary Officers Issuing More Speeding Tickets


With the school semester being back in full swing, there are a lot more drivers out on the road. Because of this, police are out in the community and more active in issuing citations. Earlier this month, Cary police officers issued more than 50 tickets in two days for speeding in school zones. 

Speeding tickets can have a substantial effect on car insurance, and can also add points onto your Driver's License. In North Carolina, you may be able to get a Prayer for Judgement Continued or an Improper Equipment Reduction. These two avenues can avoid any points on your license, or an increase in your insurance.

If you have questions regarding speeding tickets, or have recently received a speeding ticket that you wish to fight, call the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, located in Cary, NC. You may call the offices at 919-373-2288. You may also email the attorneys directly at Kristi@wileynickel.com or wiley@wileynickel.com. 

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