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What to Do If You Have Been Arrested For Possessing a Controlled Substance in Wake County

The North Carolina Controlled Substances Act dictates which drugs are considered controlled substances in North Carolina. Under this list, any substance that has “a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in the United States, or a lack of accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision” is included. This means that possessing recreational drugs and prescription drugs used for non-medical purposes punishable in North Carolina.

This list includes marijuana, codeine, heroin, and oxycodone. Under NCGS 90-96, it is prohibited to possess, manufacture, create, sell, or deliver any controlled substance. If you have been charged with possessing a controlled substance in Wake County, contact The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel at (919) 373-2288 for a free consultation.

If this is your first offense, you may be eligible for the 90-96 program, which allows you to have the charged dismissed after completing court-mandated classes. You may also be eligible to have the charges expunged after dismissal.

If this is not your first offense, contact Attorney Wiley Nickel or Attorney Kristi Haddock to discuss what your options are in Wake County at wiley@wileynickel.com or kristi@wileynickel.com. 

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