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A High School Fight: Does it Relate to Assault?

Recently, there has been a video circulating online of a student committing an assault at a high school in North Carolina. The video lasts less than a minute, but shows a seemingly vicious assault. After viewing a video like this, you may have some questions about assault, and how it is punished. 

In North Carolina, the crime of assault is defined in the North Carolina General Statutes, and even describes varying circumstances and degrees of assault. For example, there are heightened punishments for assaults committed on school or sports officials while in the course of their duty. So, if a parent of a student on the high school basketball team assaults the basketball coach, it will be treated differently in court than a simple assault. 

You will also have to keep in mind that in the criminal context, assault and battery are lumped together, as opposed to civil matters, where assault and battery are two different torts. If you have any questions regarding assault, or have received a recent charge of assault, call the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC. You will receive a free consultation over the phone, or you can contact Attorneys Kristi Haddock or Wiley Nickel by email. 

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