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What are Collateral Consequences?

After a trial and conviction, if a person serves their sentence, does this mean that their debt to society has been repaid? Not necessarily. Collateral consequences can be imposed on an individual, even after their jail time or fine has been served/paid. Often, a defendant does not have to be warned about these additional penalties. These additional penalties are also known as civil disabilities, and are separate from criminal proceedings.

Depending on the charge, these penalties can include revocation of licenses, or even loss of financial subsidies. Some of these penalties are discretionary, but others are mandatory and will occur immediately after a conviction. Collateral consequences are governed by North Carolina statutes. There are tools to help see potential collateral consequences as well. If you have any questions regarding a charge, or any potential collateral consequences, call the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel for a free consultation. 

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