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What is a PJC?

Some misdemeanor traffic offenses in North Carolina may result in the loss of your license, or an increase of your insurance. For many, losing your license could cause you to lose your job and create a huge burden on your family. Likewise, an increase of insurance could be a difficult financial strain. 

In North Carolina, judges may choose to enter a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC). This allows the judge to not enter a conviction or impose a sentence. A PJC is often used to prevent an increase of insurance or to prevent a license revocation. This option can be extremely appealing, but is only available for certain offenses. For example, if you are charged with speeding 25 miles per hour above a posted speed limit, or charged with DWI, a PJC will not be available.

It is a common myth that if you get another ticket after using a PJC,  both tickets penalties will come back. That myth is NOT true! However, you are only allowed to use a PJC once every 3 years for insurance purposes, and twice every 5 years for DMV purposes. If you use more than the number of PJC's allowed insurance and DMV will not know which PJC to count which could lead to an increase of points. Some judges require the completion of community service or driving school as part of a the process to earn a PJC. 

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