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Can I Be Charged For Someone Else Drunk Driving?

Imagine that you have been drinking with a friend of yours, and you know that you can't drive. Your friend says that they can drive, and you give them the keys. Next thing you know, you've been pulled over with your friend, and the cop gives your friend and you citations. You look at your citation and it says that you have Aid and Abet DWI.

You're probably asking, "What is Aid and Abet DWI?" You weren't even driving the car, and you're still getting punished.

In North Carolina, the courts have held that a person who knowingly lets an intoxicated friend drive their car is just as guilty or responsible as the person driving, because the person is aware of the drunken state of the driver. So that means that if your friend is driving the car, after you've seen this friend drink, and then your friend drives the car that causes an accident or injury, you can be charged as well.

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