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The Citation I've Received is Wrong, Does that Mean I Can Forget It?

Let's say that you received a citation for larceny. Your first question might be, what is a larceny? In North Carolina, larceny is the legal term for what we think of as theft. A larceny is the taking away of someone else's personal property, with the intention of never giving it back. Larceny can be classified as either a misdemeanor, or a Felony, depending on the value of the property and other surrounding circumstances. 

After understanding what larceny is, next you have to understand that you may have to go to court. You might be thinking to yourself, but I only took a small piece of merchandise, that wasn't worth much, whether it be from Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, or a department store like Belk. What do you do now?

Your best bet is to get a lawyer. A court may appoint a lawyer for you if you need it, but you may decide to hire your own lawyer. After getting a lawyer, you'll need to tell the lawyer what happened, and give all documentation to your lawyer to review. Your lawyer will review all of the documents, including your citation. What if your lawyer notices a defect in the citation, or some other kind of error? At this point, there may be a few options. Your lawyer may be able to get the citation and your case dismissed, because the error may have been especially severe. But, this depends on the case, and does not always happen. 

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