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Can A Speeding Ticket Cause Me To Lose My License?

Yes, if you are found guilty of speeding at a high rate of speed your license may be suspended. Additionally, your license may be suspended if you accumulate enough points. North Carolina operates on a point system, and if you receive 12 points on your license, it will be suspended by the state. This means that if you are driving with a suspended license and you are pulled over, you may also be arrested for driving without a valid license.

You can pay your tickets online, but that also means that you are effectively pleading guilty to the infraction. Not only will your insurance increase, but your license may be suspended depending on the speed and the speed zone in which you were stopped. It is always best to call an attorney to make sure you handle your ticket the best way. 

If you received a letter from DMV after paying a ticket off online in North Carolina or out of state, give our office a call. We may be able to request a hearing at the DMV to prevent your license suspension. 

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