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Assault v. Assault on a Female, Understand the Difference.

On March 28, a police chief in Pamlico County was suspended indefinitely after being arrested for Assault on a Female. You may be asking yourself, is assault on a female different than assault?

In North Carolina, the difference between an assault and assault on a female are based on a few minor differences. To charged with an assault on a female, you must be a male over the age of 18, who assaults a female. The differences sound minor, but they can affect your punishment. Assault on a female is a Class A1 misdemeanor, which results in a higher punishment than a simple assault. 

What if you haven't committed an assault, but the police arrest you anyway. Can the police still arrest you? In North Carolina, you can still be arrested for putting someone in fear for their safety, even if you don't contact them. 

What are you to do? The laws regarding assault may be confusing, and what are your options if you get charged? You need help, and you need experienced lawyers who know the law, and more importantly, can argue for your interests. You need help from the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC., located in Cary, NC. Attorney Kristi Haddock and Wiley Nickel are experienced, hard-working attorneys who will get the best possible result for you. You can call now for a FREE consultation, at 1-(919)-585-1486. 

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