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Shoplifting and the Holidays

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With the holidays coming up, there are bound to be people who engage in shoplifting. Most stores now have some kind of security system, which includes cameras, and Loss Prevention Officers that will monitor the stores. 

Shoplifting is a charge that requires the State to prove that you willfully concealed the goods or merchandise of a store without permission, and without purchasing the good or merchandise while still on the premises of the store. 

Larceny is a similar charge that you may be charged with if you take property from a store. The state has to prove that you took personal property in the possession of another and carried it away without that person's permission with the intent to permanently keep the possession even though you knew you were not entitled to it. For purposes of a larceny charge, a store will be treated like a person. 

If you have questions about shoplifting/larceny, or have recently been charged with one of these offenses, contact the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel at 919-373-2288. The attorneys may be able to enroll you in a first time offender program to earn a dismissal if you have never committed an offense before. There are ways to fight these charges, and attorneys like Kristi Haddock and Wiley Nickel can fight for the best possible outcome for your case. 

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