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 Wake Forest Marijuana Paraphernalia Lawyer

“Drug paraphernalia” is a very broad term that represents anything that could be used to make, use, or conceal illicit drugs. What qualifies as paraphernalia in the court of law can vary on the jurisdiction and circumstances. So what are some of the common items that are going to get you some sort of drug paraphernalia charge? 

Common Paraphernalia Items 

It’s important to know that paraphernalia is broken down into two categories. User-specific and dealer-specific. Some examples of user-specific items that could get you in trouble would be the following: 

  • Bongs

  • Pipes

  • Freebase Kits

  • Emptied Out Pens

Dealer-specific items would be things like: 

  • Digital Scales

  • Plastic Bags

  • Fertilizer or fluorescent lights (used to grow marijuana)

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